Bob Marshall saddle for sale

Bob Marshall Saddle for Sale

Tips For Buying A Bob Marshall Saddle For Sale

A good Treeless Bob Marshall saddle for sale may be the most important piece of horse equipment that you own. Choosing the right one can make the difference between winning at the rodeo and falling off while maneuvering around a tight barrel. Consider your own physique along with that of your horse to choose the right used Bob Marshall saddle for sale at Used Horse Saddles Store.  

Bob Marshall saddle for sale

Welcome to a whole new riding experience. Never before has a saddle been offered that gives the rider as much comfort, as much feel and contact with the horse, and at the same time as much security and balance as the Bob Marshal  Saddle. We have been in the business of used saddle selling for over 10  years and our experienced team is dedicated to providing our customers only the best in saddles and service.

Key considerations when buying a  Treeless /Bob Marshall Saddle Online:

It takes many different parts to make a Bob Marshall saddle for sale.  You may want to think about each of these parts to find the right saddle:


The seat on a barrel racing saddle should be rough to provide a better grip. Look for a saddle with a deep seat so that you stay in the saddle.


Look for a tall, thin horn because it will be easier to grab when making tight turns. Most riders find a horn tilted slightly forward is easier to grab.

Fenders and Stirrups: 

Flexible, rough fenders allow you to keep your center of balance over your horse. The stirrups should be narrow to help ensure that you do not hit a barrel. Narrow stirrups also make it easier to stand up when getting back into time with your mount.


Choose the style of tree fitting the way your horse is constructed.

Types of Trees For Treeless / Bob /Barrel Saddles

There are so many different styles of trees on used barrel saddles at Used Horse Saddles Store. A barrel racing saddle’s tree is the base that holds everything together. Different makers use different styles of trees. Manufacturers follow no absolutes when making saddle trees. The most common types include:

Martha Josey

These trees, like those found on some Circle Y saddles, have very little top slope and straight sides.
Olin Young: If you lean into your saddle while going around barrels, then this tree may be for you. These barrel racing saddles have a rounded undercut.

Modified Association

These trees, like those found on some HR Saddlery, have a moderate amount of top slope and a curved undercut to the sides.


These trees, like those found on some saddles made by Rod Nickle, have a lot of slope on the top with an exaggerated curve underside.

Buster Welch:

These trees, like those found on some barrel racing saddles made by Burns Saddlery and Tenkey’s, round down to the bars. They have a moderate amount of top slope.

Used Horse Saddles Store offers superior products for you and your horse at very Affordable prices, get used Bob Marshall Barrel saddle for sale from reputable makers you trust. If you’ve been looking for the right Bob Marshall treeless barrel saddle for you and your horse, you’ve come to the right place! These stylish saddles are designed for the comfort of the horse and the safety of the rider. When you’re spending a substantial amount of time in the saddle, it’s important that you find the perfect fit for you and your horse—our used saddle for sale is here to give you just that.

With a multitude of options to choose from, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Used Horse Saddles Store. No matter what design of saddle discipline you are seeking, you can make your next riding experience an unforgettable one when you buy from the Used Horse Saddles Store!

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