Cutting Horse Saddles For Sale

The purpose of a cutting horse saddles for sale is to keep the rider balanced all while staying out of the horse’s way. These saddles allow for a lot of movement so that the rider can really let the horse do its job. They have a low cantle, high pommel, and a thin, tall horn. There is a slight rise in the seat, closer to the pommel, but overall it is a flat seat. Cutting saddles typically have longer, square skirts. Sometimes they even have a double skirt. The tall, thin horn aids in balancing the rider and gives a good hand grip. The flat seat allows the rider full mobility and the low cantle’s purpose is so the seat isn’t digging into the rider’s back. You can use a cutting saddle for team penning, sorting, and cutting competitions. You can not rope out of a cutting saddle. 


Roping and cutting are both Western horse riding sports. Some aspects of the two events are alike; others are specific to one event or the other. For instance, each discipline has a different type of saddle. Roping riders need different saddle support than cutting riders do. Their respective saddles have distinct differences in design as well as in styling.


Cutting Horse Saddles for sale are designed for agility and contact between the rider and horse. These specially designed saddles feature a long, flat seat with a low cantle and a slight rise just before a high pommel. It is normal for a cutting saddle to use rough-out leather on the sections of the saddle where the rider’s legs go when the rider is in the seat, such as the fenders and the jockeys.

The Importance of Having the Right Saddle

Going into an event without the right equipment to do the job is an automatic disadvantage for a rider. While both cutting and roping saddles are sturdy, each is specifically designed to provide an edge in the specific job. Some variation exists even within the saddle types. For example, some roping saddles have a much higher cantle than others. Learn what features serve you best as a rider before going saddle-shopping.

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